Who we are


Our Headquarters and Mission Headquartered in Milan, Italy, our team of nine is driven by a passion for comfort and safety in the kitchen. After personally experiencing the risks associated with using cloth pot holders, with the risk of getting burned, we looked for a solution that would guarantee peace of mind and safety when handling hot pans. This desire for innovation led us to develop a revolutionary product for the kitchen.

Why we created MeglioCucina

With the aim of solving a problem common to many, we created MeglioCucina, offering silicone pot holders that completely cover the pan handles. This unique design ensures that hot containers can be handled without risk of scalding, combining convenience and safety for anyone who wants a worry-free dining experience.

Our goal: comfort and serenity in the kitchen

Our main goal is to improve comfort in the kitchen, reducing stress and making the kitchen a place of pleasure and relaxation. We firmly believe that cooking should be a joyful and safe activity. With MeglioCucina, we are committed to transforming every moment spent in the kitchen into a safe and pleasant experience, allowing everyone to express their culinary creativity without fear.

Your safety and comfort are at the center of our attention. Thank you for choosing MeglioCucina and for allowing us to be part of your passion for cooking!

Black african american father teaching his afro son cooking in the kitchen at home